You are not supposed to be comfortable right now!!

I have spent weeks waiting for this discomfort to go away.  Then it dawned on me, I am not supposed to be comfortable right now.  None of us are supposed to be comfortable right now.   We are in one of the biggest world challenges we have ever met.  Many of our lives, businesses, relationships have changed or been totally upturned.   In this moment we are not being asked, but forced to change on every level. Ladies and gentlemen CHANGE IS NOT COMFORTABLE.  We are being forced to face ourselves, see where the gaps are, and how we need to do things differently.  We are been asked to get uncomfortable.

During Simply Sing workshops and courses, most people initially turn up terrified and extremely uncomfortable.  But in this discomfort, we show them how to be with it. We don’t let it stop them from exploring their own voice. They keep turning up and pushing past their discomfort. The progress participants make in a short workshop or a course by allowing themselves to be uncomfortable for long periods of time and not giving into it, is nothing but amazing.  It is hard to put into words what happens but it is like they truly come home themselves and begin to believe in their voice for the first time, maybe ever.  They begin to look different.  Their voice is changed.  They sing and sound much better. Their spirit is refreshed and empowered.  They exude this new found confidence.

So get UNCOMFORTABLE today and see what it happens….. be in the discomfort.  

It is not what you say or what you think, it is what you do right now.  You can think of all of the times you haven’t achieved something or feel uncomfortable in general about life right now.  But start with the first step. ACCEPT you are uncomfortable. Be uncomfortable.   For one week turn up to tasks in your life that make you feel uncomfortable or you have been putting off forever.  Action these uncomfortable tasks in your life. See what happens……        

If you would like more help to get past your discomfort when it comes to singing solo or speaking in public, check out our upcoming online courses and one2one sessions.  We would also love to hear from our members if they found this tip useful, please email us at

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