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We’re all human, and being human means we’ve all experienced anxiety and lacked confidence at some point in our lives. Our facilitators are no different. They’ve all stood in front of audiences whether singing or speaking and felt the crippling nerves or lack of personal confidence. Now, having put the Simply Sing method into practice, they’ve discovered how to work through their fears, find their own confidence and are dedicating their lives to helping others do the same.

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Clodagh swords

CEO & facilitator

But back in 2011 she had dropped into a very challenging time in her life. She had become crippled by full blown anxiety that started to filter into alot of her life. She had lost her way and most definitely her voice. She had stopped singing or putting herself forward to speak. But in a moment of sheer desire to begin again and find her way back to herself, she created Simply Sing. Initially it was to help her find her own power and to express herself again. Realising it was so much more, and how much people benefitted from it- she created it into a business in 2018.

Beckoning from Trinity College Dublin in the Drama and Theatre Studies department she shared her class with some very well known actors!! Deciding she had to do more, putting in some hard work managed to get a first-class in her MA in Applied Drama/ Voice and facilitation, specialising in improvisation and the voice as that was the most fun!. Professionally trained in physical theatre and developing confidence in people’s singing & speaking voice. Not afraid of hard work as a creative entrepreneur and advanced public speaker with over 12 years’ experience within facilitation and communications. In a ‘blink of magic,’ she developed the Simply Sing method and has run extensive workshops in Ireland & Europe. Simply Sing has helped 1000’s gain confidence in their voices since 2018. To add more strings to her bow she is a Life Coach ( and also a qualified ‘Train the Trainer’ facilitator.

Sam Lyons

Confidence & Voice Facilitator

nevertheless developed and grew a passion for using his voice in singing, talking and presenting. He began to discover the importance of  listening and hearing the real sounds of our own voice. His 25 years experience working in facilitation, running community-based radio stations and consulting allowed him to understand how you can empower others when you give people the chance to use their voice.

In 2005, he saw a need to help others and began volunteering with a transformational leadership charity, training youths in the areas of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. In 2010 he won Digital Media Award for ‘Best in Podcasting’ for the 12 series podcast “Memoirs of Guinness”.

Sam is passionate about life purpose and with a colleague runs the training company the Academy of Purpose, whilst he offers 1-2-1 business coaching and consulting helping leaders overcome their personal obstacles and discover their greatest potential.

Alan Morton

Live Performance Facilitator

singing or speaking in front of an audience a frightening prospect. He also fully understands the joy of seeing the transformation in others as they overcome their fears and love working with Simply Sing members for that reason. 

Alan Morton is a musician, sound engineer, photographer, videographer and creator of electronic music. All this passion has resulted in the creation of an EP of electronic music under the name ChilloHertz, an EP of blues rock with his previous band The Hungry Souls, a documentary about the music scene called Open Mic Dublin The Movie, two full alternative rock albums with his current band Lugösi and an album is in the works for The Nilz, a punk band Alan joined in 2019. 

As host of the Jailbreak Sessions open mic night since 2013 Alan has seen well over 1000 live performances of music and spoken word in the intimate surrounds of the Patriot Inn Kilmainham and performed at each of those nights himself both solo and in duets. Alan considers experience to be one of the best teachers, but that is closely followed by advice from those who have done it all before. 

Chris Short

Singer/ Song-writer Facilitator

couple of years Chris has blossomed into an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Chris has made a meteoric rise on the music scene. In March 2018 Chris was short listed in the top 10 for the DublinLive, Nathan Carter – Search for a Star. February 2020 saw the release of Chris’ debut single “Your Smile”, making it to #1 in the iTunes singer/ songwriter charts, followed by “Higher”, in November 2020. Chris has released his first single of 2021 “Consumed”, returning to the top spot in the iTunes singer/ songwriter charts. Plans are already in motion for a follow up single “Flint & Steel”, with his 5 song EP “Somewhere”, due for release in May this year.

Georgina Heffernan

Personal Brand and Digital Media Facilitator

coming every week,” she says. ” Because it helped develop my confidence and my anxiety around performance and public speaking. Now, I’m part of the team, I’m delighted to be able to share my experience to help participants create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts.”

Georgina Heffernan has been working at the forefront of publishing and media in Ireland for over two decades, but she is a woman with many feathers in her cap. Entrepreneur,  journalist, educator and digital Pr – her passion and creativity only seem to be matched by an insatiable curiosity.

Always in demand as a contributor and public speaker, Georgina has been featured on numerous TV shows such as Xpose, Off the Rails, Open House, The Afternoon Show, Irish TV – and NBC’s Today show. She has also been interviewed on national radio for The Sunday Business Show and Spin FM’s Morning Show. 

In 2014, she was awarded the Gladys McNevin Trophy for PR excellence by the Public Relations Institute of Ireland; she was also awarded the John J Doyle award and was made a fellow of the European Institute of Education. In 2016, she won significant investment on the RTE show Dragon’s Den and launched her own lifestyle magazine and website.

Paddy Groenland

Vocal Technique, Sound & Podcasting Facilitator

Paddy – a middle child in a big family – found it challenging & sometimes painful to get heard and so, a performance anxiety followed him into adulthood, despite winning scholarships to study jazz at Berklee School of Music and later, global music pedagogy at the Sibelius Academy, Finland.

Paddy now successfully leads his own group – Paj – and performs in bands like Ensemble Eriu, Rob De Boer, Aby coulibaly, Monjola and more, and is still learning & developing new skills – working with audio production & podcasting Paddy can offer specialised audio & broadcasting requirements.

Through his lived experience of requiring a balance of singing technique & support, and in balancing a busy performance career with teaching, Paddy resonates with singers who feel held back by performance expectations and challenges of bringing their inner voice to the public arena. Paddy has studied CVT (complete vocal training) and privately with vocal coach Judith Mok, and is a Fulbright scholar.


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