The Power of Letting Go

Let go. Let me. Let you. To this place be good. Letting go into spaces and places. Unknown. Unheard of. Sacred, new and open. Letting go between the past and present. Being in the now. This ever-present now. An empty place of nothing. Effervescent and clear. Bright and spacious. A leap of faith into somewhere never known before.


Benefits of letting go for the voice
In Simply Sing, we introduce everyone to the power of letting go. Letting go of the mind. Letting go of the voice. Falling fully into the now. They sing for the first time. They speak from their own voice. They become themselves. Every time I witness this, I always have to second check myself as I look at this person before me and they look completely different. Their eyes are brighter. The power they exude is just awe-inspiring. The sound coming from their voice is totally new. They have arrived inflow. There are in the song. They are in the story. They don’t care about me or anyone else around them. There are in the full enjoyment of every single inch of what they are doing.

Flow is the analysis of being in the moment. Creating a state of presence alludes to the shattering of the ego where there is an eradication of self-consciousness where nothing else seems to matter but that moment. Accessing this energetic dimension is according to Barbara Dilley a Boulder Yoga instructor is when ‘the body – mind synchronisation process is so balanced that there’s no mental obstruction, there’s no physical obstruction. There’s a sense of ease. It’s like you’re riding the momentum or riding the moment in a very easy way.’ (Dilley et al, 1992 pg 43-48) Many who try to describe being’ in the moment’ refer to it in terms of ‘riding’, ‘flying’, ‘channeling’ etc. A time when the self steps aside. As Zapora a dancer, an actress, a teacher, and a mime experiences: ‘And I Ruth, the interferer am gone. I’m free.’

Oh to be free, but the truth is, it is not very hard. Each person who attends our work in Simply Sing arrives at that place very fast. It is a big part of what we do.

Letting go Tips
The more you hold on, the further you are from getting what you want. But truly letting go actually gives you what you want. A free voice. A love you have always wanted. A new you….the list goes on..whatever you dream of.

Next time you go to sing solo or make a presentation. Try this.

Get caught up in the story. Really tell us all about it. Make it the most important story you have ever told anyone. Every time your mind wants to take you away from it. Come back to the story you are singing or telling. Irrupt every sense in you to tell this story. Stay with it.

Try this out. Let me know how you get on. For further information about Simply Sing please go to or email us on

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