Riding the wave of life- leaning into NOTHINGNESS!

Life is a mixture of moments that sometimes you cannot understand or make up. Sometimes you are flying high and sometimes you are flying low. Life in its many encompassing moments of no idea where or why. Life in constant ambivalence. No control. No handle on what to do or where to go. A wave hits you. You are off the board. Another wave and you are back gliding by it.  Riding the wave of life.

At this very moment, we are being taught the very tough lesson of constant ambivalence. We are being held up and asked to be in a continuous place of nowhere. We are being CALLED to be fully present in our now. For some of us that might be incredibly uncomfortable. Can you find some comfort in this nowhere?  This empty space.  Being in nothingness.

The voice and being nowhere!

In the work we do in Simply Sing, we sometimes ask our participants to just be in nothing. Be nowhere with yourself and your voice. Stare into space. Look out the window. Sit and listen. Watch people go by. Look at the clouds.  This practice allows participants to find space in themselves to hear their own sound. Amazing moments can come from nothing. Usually what happens is that participants turn up the following week with a whole new sound.


Try one week of sitting or standing for 1 minute (increasing amount of time as you can every day) doing absolutely NOTHING. Not watching or listening to something or reading or writing. Just simply doing nothing. Be in nothingness. See what it is like.  After one week begin singing OR public speaking again.  Notice if there are any changes in your voice.  

Let us know how you get on. For further information about Simply Sing please go to www.simplysing.ie or email us at hello@simplysing.ie

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