One2One Vocal Coaching

Have always want to sing solo but never brave enough?

Singing has been a long time passion of yours and you are tired of putting it aside

In 1 or 1.5 hour one2one session, we can help you find more confidence in your own self and your voice, while also giving you something to smile about. We have helped 1000’s of people conquer their solo singing fears and find real confidence in their unique solo singing voice.

Our One2One session can be in-person & online. In a tailored training programme of sessions, you will get the opportunity to develop your solo singing confidence and gain a real understanding of your own unique voice. With more ease, you will be able to sing solo and perform in front of others.

Using our Simply Voice Coaching method we will explore;

  • Vocal Technique training
  • Physical and vocal awareness exercises
  • Vocal Mindfulness
  • Vocal confidence building techniques
  • Vocal Mindset Coaching – helping with nerves and new perspectives when it comes to your singing.
  • Vocal improvisation
  • Live Performance Training
  • Performance skills & practice…..and lots more tricks to get your fully immersed in that amazing singing voice you have.

Benefits of One2One Vocal Coaching

Physical and vocal awareness exercises

Vocal Mindfulness– the practice of bringing presence to your voice

Voice Technique Training

Solo singing confidence building techniques

Breath and voice training

Singing performance skills & practice

Vocal Mindset coaching – get you to really believe in your voice. 

Tips & Tricks to get your fully immersed in that amazing singing voice you have.

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"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek"

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Mini Retreats

In a safe, socially distanced small group you can embrace your singing voice in total immersion for a full four hours.
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