One2One Voice Coaching

Large Audience crowd gathering at a conference watching the guest speaker on the main stage
Working with mindset, body and voice find a new sense of power.

Are you terrified of speaking in front of an audience?

You want to be fully heard in everything you do. Whether in business or in your personal life, you are terrified at speaking in front of an audience or to speak up in groups or meetings. One2One Voice Confidence is specifically tailored to your challenges to help you reach your personal goals. sessions. Working with mindset, body and voice, clients quickly accelerate change and find a new sense of power in their voice. In 1 hour or 2-hour sessions, we will help you gain a new-found confidence in your voice. Clients will receive guidance, tips and easy to use tools on how to improve their voice.

Learning Outcomes

Communicating with confidence

Managing tone of voice depending on the situation

Voice Confidence Building Techniques

Body and Voice Training Exercises – how to use them better