Re-ignite your singing voice while nestling into the parklands.

Would you like to get outside for a couple of hours and rejuvenate your spirit?

Get yourself ready for an absolute treat. Have you been covering up your voice for too long? In a safe, socially distanced small group we will allow you to embrace your singing voice in total immersion for a full four hours. Re-ignite your singing voice while nestling into the parklands in our own quiet space.

You will get the opportunity to progress further in empowering your singing voice, truly connect with your own singing voice, develop some new vocal techniques, find new ways to open your singing sound, and most importantly have a barrel of laughs- this ain’t going to be a serious retreat!

Learning Outcomes

Physical and vocal awareness exercises

Vocal Mindfulness- the practice of bringing presence to your voice

Voice Technique Training

Solo singing confidence building technique

Singing improvisation

Singing performance skills & practice

Tips & Tricks to get your fully immersed in that amazing singing voice you have.

Dates coming soon

"The greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life."

Pablo Casals
Singing Courses

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Solo Singing Confidence Course

Solo Singing Confidence Course

In a small group, we can help you find more confidence in your own self and your voice.
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