Inclusive Communications Training

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Diversity & Inclusion Communications

Do you want to create an inclusive & unified environment where staff are fully heard?

The voice and how we communicate is one of the key elements of creating a more inclusive work environment.  The way we say what we say and how we use our voice is different for everyone.   Difficult cultures, genders and identities all have their own way of using their voice.  This is where misunderstandings can take place even before there is even an actual issue.  

Our specialised training practically enables staff from various backgrounds, experiences & identities to confidently find their voice and in turn create an empowered, open & inclusive communications style with their peers and management. It is said that diversity & inclusion training can backfire because it is too prescriptive.  Staff are more likely to grow and improve when they are given clear practical instructions on what to do.  Our training does exactly that. 


All levels


Practical & user-friendly techniques that support a diverse & inclusive
communications styles in an everyday working context.


2x Half Day workshops or 3 week course ( weekly 2 hour sessions) 

Learning Outcomes

  Voice & Body Exercise Techniques

Improve your use of storytelling to advance your speeches

Develop more vocal presence & voice confidence

Understanding how to use tone, pace & vocal variety

How to openly speak up and speak out

Turn round negative bias of others and create shared understanding

Dealing with healthy conflict & cultural misunderstandings

Managing difficult conversations.

An orchestra never has all the same instruments to make a beautiful sound!

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Corporate Courses

Other Offerings

Voice Confidence Training Course - Remote Teams

Voice Confidence Training Course - Remote Teams

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