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Gavin Tonks
3. January, 2024.
I had a number of one on one sessions with Clodagh during 2023 to help with my presentation and public speaking skills. Clodagh was a fantastic help, which included learning some new techniques that I will always bring out when needed. Would highly recommend.
Sebastian Grube
1. December, 2023.
Working with Clodagh was an absolute pleasure! Her focus on the body-voice connection is a powerful catalyst to achieve an amazing freedom in your voice. She is receptive to those in the room and tailors her exercises and approach accordingly.I definitely achieved new insights and freedom in her workshop. Highly recommend!
Suzanne McVey
29. November, 2023.
Clodagh possesses a unique blend of expertise, passion, and encouragement that sets her apart as a coach. Her deep understanding of vocal techniques and effective communication strategies significantly contributed to refining my delivery of speeches. Her positive energy and constructive feedback motivated me to push my boundaries and explore new aspects of my voice and presentation style.Under her guidance, I not only improved my vocal projection and clarity but also gained valuable insights into effective storytelling and connecting with an audience. In summary, I wholeheartedly endorse Clodagh as a voice coach.
Marie O'Neill
28. November, 2023.
I couldn't recommend these workshops enough. Clodagh created a really welcoming, supportive space that allowed me to overcome a chronic case of stage fright and sing in front of a small group for the first time in *many* years. My confidence in my own voice has grown so much and, more importantly, the workshops are also a lot of fun.
Lena Tolmachova
28. November, 2023.
Clodagh is a wonderful facilitator who helps others to unlock the potential of their voice, unlearn limiting beliefs about themselves and become more confident with their singing, performances, and self-presentation in general. Clodagh's singing workshops and retreats are magical events that help find one's true singing strength.I've participated in quite a number of Simply Voice singing workshops and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to discover the magic of their voice and become more confident in showing it to others.
Deirdre Jacob
28. November, 2023.
Clodagh helps you to hear yourself and to help you to like what you hear which is a very powerful skill. She guides you to be confident exercising your vocal talent. Brilliant experience every time.
bevin mahon
24. July, 2023.
I have just completed the 2 day singing retreat with Clodagh and I couldn’t recommend this enough. It doesn’t matter if you only ever sing in the shower or you’ve never sang at all but want to discover your voice, or if you just want to learn a song for a party piece because everyone else has one.This retreat set in the beautiful surroundings of the Glendalough Sanctuary allows for everyone at every level, after all your voice is yours and it’s unique and that’s how Clodagh made us all feel throughout.We overcame our nerves and had fun finding our voices and we came away feeling energised and accomplished. I would recommend, you’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain.
Mark Doyle
9. February, 2023.
Clodagh was absolutely amazing to work with. From the very first session, Clodagh helped develop my public speaking skills and confidence. Clodagh pushed me outside of my comfort zone and overall made me a more confident public speaker. Altogether a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to become a more confident speaker or brush up their skills. Mark Doyle
orla mcdonnell
2. February, 2023.
My daughter was always afraid to perform in public, but with the help of Clodagh, she was able to overcome her fear and find her voice. Clodagh was patient, supportive, and truly invested in helping my daughter reach her full potential. Thanks to their guidance and expertise, my daughter is now pursuing her dream of studying music in college. I highly recommend Clodagh to anyone looking to improve their singing and confidence on stage. Thank you
19. December, 2022.
I had a very enjoyable day in the Phoenix Park among a group of singers, with Clodagh creating a safe and fun environment for everybody to express freely their singing voices. I came away feeling uplifted and have happy memories of a day well spent.

Corporate Testemonials

Some of our testimonials below. Due to privacy of our clients we cannot mention names. ​

Delve into the corporate world’s success stories with SimplyVoice.ie as the voice partner of choice. Our clients share firsthand experiences of how our professional voice talents have elevated their brand narratives, corporate communications, and marketing endeavors. Discover the strategic impact of our seamless processes and commitment to excellence in the testimonials below.

Some of our testimonials below. Due to privacy of our clients we cannot mention names.

I found working with Clodagh and Simply Voice- Voice Confidence Coaching fantastic. I have already recommended it to many of my colleagues, outstanding results that I would nearly say were life-changing. I would highly recommend the vocal coaching program ! ( MD, Business & Finance Group)

“Clodagh worked with my sales team and I saw improvements in their voice confidence and ability to deliver to external execs immediately. Clodagh takes you out of your comfort zone but it’s well worth it! Also a great team-building experience.” ( Team Leader, Salesforce)


I have been working with Clodagh for over a year now. We started off on zoom but moved quickly to in person and the results have been fantastic. Whether it’s public speaking to a large audience or sitting on a panel or finding your singing voice, Clodagh’s coaching is exceptional for both first timers and building confidence and delivery or enhancing your delivery for seasoned speakers. I couldn’t recommend her coaching enough. ( CEO Dental Tech)


Simply Voice is a fantastic way to ‘find my voice in the workplace. I was sceptical of how it might work in a corporate environment, but it exceeded my expectations.” (Manager, Avolon)

“Thanks so much to Simply Voice team who conducted the workshop with great enthusiasm and skill. Our staff had the opportunity to enhance their voice skills in a fun and creative way whilst also developing team interaction and personal confidence that they can utilise in the future both generally and at work. Upskilling while having fun.( Team Manager, DocuSign)

“It was an absolute privilege working with Clodagh. She was able to get to the very root of what I needed to improve in my public speaking voice. Her sessions were extremely effective and adapted specifically to my needs. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions, and would recommend Simply Voice Confidence Coaching to any organisation!” ( Senior Instructor, Skill Soft)


“Clodagh has a magical ability to sense where you might need a bit of guidance and then to provide you with the tools to strengthen your public speaking abilities. Her sessions provide invaluable tips which will last a lifetime. I would highly recommend her! ” ( Head of Marketing.
Catalyst Media)

The day spent in the Phoenix Park with Clodagh and eleven strangers who became friends was unique and somewhat transformational. We started shy and ended up performing for each other. All different levels, but everyone was made to value their own voice and sound. Cannot
recommend it highly enough. ( CEO, Policing Authority)

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