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Awarded - Best Voice Confidence Coaching Provider 2021
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Hi, I'm Clodagh, Founder of Simply Sing, Voice Confidence Coaching for individuals and companies. I look forward to working with you.

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Simply Sing is an entirely unique and specialised method delivered by highly experienced facilitators.

Most rounded and fully comprehensive way to improve your voice confidence.

Working with Simply Sing will empower you to be a great speaker, singer and most importantly all around more confident person.

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Loved by our clients

‘Simply Sing is much more than helping people find their solo singing or speaking voice. It helps create a more empowered, self-accepting and transparent INDIVIDUAL whose real voice is what we hear.’

Founder - Clodagh Swords

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Created and developed by our founder Clodagh Swords, our leading-edge formula in unlocking the singing or speaking voice of nations. Tried and tested by 1000’s of clients this method has successfully enabled clients to find their most empowered voice.

Being able to communicate well is the most important skills any employee, leader or business owner can possess. Our unique approach teaches people how to broaden their awareness of self and to tap into the power of open communications using mind, body and voice.

Get yourself ready for an absolute treat. Have you been covering up your voice for too long? In a safe, socially distanced small group we will allow you to embrace your singing voice in total immersion for a full four hours

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