Owning Your Voice - Women in Business

Bring new found passion, power and presence to you and your voice.

Have you lost your voice in the workplace? Struggle to talk in meetings or present with confidence?

Women in Business are always deemed to be successful and ambitious. They are all admired by colleagues and superiors. Yet they often fail to assert themselves in high-level meetings. We have consistently heard women say that they feel less effective in meetings than they do in other business situations. Some say that their voices are ignored or drowned out. Others tell us that they can’t find a way into the conversation.

We are here to help you gain confidence, ease, power in you and your voice. No more hiding behind your colleagues in meetings and opportunities to present.

Surrounded by fellow business women, in 4/6 week courses you will gain confidence in your own voice, find ease in your delivery, and learn techniques on how to use your body and voice when leading/ participating in team meetings and presenting to fellow colleagues. Understanding how to use it better you will bring new found passion, power and presence to you and your voice.

Learning Outcomes

Communicating with confidence

Managing tone of voice depending on the situation

Voice Confidence Building Techniques

Body and Voice Training Exercises – how to use them better