Owning Your Voice - Women in Business

No more dimming your power for those around you.

Are tired of being spoken down to in your workplace? No more dimming your voice down.

Women in Business are always deemed to be successful and ambitious. They are admired by colleagues and superiors. Yet they often fail to assert themselves in high-level meetings. We have consistently heard women say that they feel less effective in meetings than they do in other business situations. Some say that their voices are ignored or drowned out. Others tell us that they can’t find a way into the conversation.

We in Simply Voice are making it our goal to help women all around the world understand that their voice is SO IMPORTANT. We are here to make sure you STOP giving your power away and adjusting yourself to fit in.  No more hiding behind your colleagues in meetings and opportunities to present. 

We offer women in business courses and one2one sessions. In this work you will  gain confidence in your own voice, understand how to use your voice as a superpower and to stop putting yourself aside for others in work.  Additionally you will find ease in your delivery, and learn techniques on how to use your body and voice when leading/ participating in team meetings and presenting to fellow colleagues. Upon completion you will understand how to use your voice bringing a new found passion, power and presence to you and your voice.

Benefits of Women in Business Voice Coaching

Understand how to use your voice as SUPERPOWER

Tone, pitch, pace, vocal variation and the art of storytelling. 

Voice Confidence Building Techniques

Body and Voice Training Exercises 

Vocal Mindfulness– the practice of bringing presence to your voice

Dynamics of management communication- practical skills on how to manage difficult conversations.

Personal impact- stand out in meetings, presentations & pitches

Patterns of Behaviour- what is getting in your way of moving forward?

What do you believe? Working with you mindset.

How to communicate effectively at meetings?

Boundaries and Delegation

Your issue or theirs

Our next course begins Oct 2023

"Lean in. Speak out. Have a voice in your organisation, and never use the words SORRY."

Tris Bertuzzi
Speaking Courses

What's On Offer

Online Voice Confidence Courses

Online Voice Confidence Courses

Speak up, step up and excel in your online meetings, social media lives, and online presentations.
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One2One Voice Confidence Coaching

One2One Voice Confidence Coaching

Working with mindset, body and voice, clients quickly accelerate and find a new sense of power in their voice.
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