Fear wants more fear- Break it now!

As we rattle through the days and nights of pandemia. Internal fear or other fears rock through our souls.  All coming up to bite, pierce or fight.  Screaming or shouting out at us. More fear please, more fear, please.  You can’t squeeze out of it, you can’t squeeze in it.  So what do we do?  Our fear asks for more fear, secretly thinking that this is the solution to being out of it.  But yet it brings us into it.

A lot of people would come to Simply Sing Voice Confidence Coaching asking can year please get rid of my fear or help me with my fears?  These fears might vary from not wanting to sing solo or not having the courage to ever sing solo.  They might be struggling in work to speak up in meetings or feel so uncomfortable presenting online. Whatever it is, a lot of clients come to Simply Sing complaining of their fears and discomforts.   

However, in any given course, fear is never mentioned.  We don’t focus on fear.  We never talk about it.  We know it is there. Yet we never talk about this is how you get over fear when singing or speaking.  The practice of actively participating in the simply sing method is what helps. Most clients end a speaking or singing course highlighting that they now feel more comfortable and yet we never mentioned fear. 

Interestingly enough what we have found over the years is that if we spend a module talking about fear and performance, the clients get more caught up in it and they do not have the same experience.

What have we learnt from this?   The more we are in fear or fearful about something, the better it is just to participate with it there.  People who come to Simply Sing, might have been putting this off for years. So generally, the fear would be pretty uncomfortable. Each week they would turn up again and again.  The discomfort would get less and less. The confidence would build and build. All they would do would be simply participate in the work, not focus on the problem but find out only what they are doing right.  It is like there is nowhere for fear to go, but somewhere else.

In these fear pandemia of the mind times, we can choose how much we nourish fear with more fear. Let’s continue to break those fear circuit breakers.  

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