1 Day Outdoor Speaking Retreat


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10:00 AM
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05:30 PM
Phoenix Park
Clodagh Swords
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Work with the award-winning BEST VOICE COACHING PROVIDER 2021

Have you lost your voice in the workplace? Struggle to talk in meetings or present with confidence?

Get yourself ready for an absolute treat. In a safe, socially distanced small group we will allow you to embrace your speaking voice in total immersion for a full day.  Settled into a tranquil space in Phoenix Park, you will come back to your most natural speaking voice. Be able to return to work present better and speak up with natural confidence in meetings. Open to all levels (first time or experienced)

You will get the opportunity to progress further in empowering your speaking voice, develop new vocal techniques, embrace good storytelling, find new ways to open your own sound and most importantly have a barrel of laughs- this ain’t going to be a serious retreat!

Using our Simply Sing Voice Confidence Coaching method we will explore:

  • Vocal Mindfulness (Finding presence in your speaking sound)
  • Physical and vocal awareness exercises
  • Vocal Technique training
  • Speaking confidence building techniques
  • Voice Mindset Coaching – helping with nerves and new perspectives when it comes to your speaking voice.
  • Speaking improvisation
  • Storytelling
  • Drama
  • Live Performance Training
  • Presentation skills & practice…..and lots more tricks to get your fully immersed in that amazing speaking voice you have.

By the end of this retreat, if you don’t feel rejuvenated and empowered within your own voice, I will give you your money back!!  You will have an even stronger sense of confidence in your voice and with more ease be able to share it with others.


“Clodagh is an expert facilitator, her workshops unfold gradually and organically building trust and connection. I felt held and encouraged through the process and cycled home on a wave of Love and inspiration; love for my own voice and the inspiration to continue to explore it. ” ( Artist, June 2020)

“It’s finally given me the confidence to believe I can speak in public. It made me realise that nerves and making mistakes is normal and affect everyone – and that they don’t actually matter! The retreat included some clever techniques to help with nerves and self-belief and to help give a confident performance. I definitely got a massive amount from it, and as well as that – it was great fun!(Entrepreneur, July 2018)

“I loved it!! It was an amazing experience. Like a breath of fresh air.” ( Teacher, July 2018)

Payment details

Speaking Retreat cost is €150. The usual cost for a 1-hour voice coaching session is €75 and you are getting 7 hours of vocal coaching for this reduced price.


Nestled in the beautiful parklands of Phoenix Park in our own safe, private and quiet space.

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Voice Empowerment Retreat
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