Chris Short

Chris joined his first Simply Sing session in 2014. Having overcome his journey with performance anxieties, over the last
a couple of years Chris has blossomed into an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Chris has made a meteoric rise on the music scene. In March 2018 Chris was shortlisted in the top 10 for the DublinLive, Nathan Carter – Search for a Star. February 2020 saw the release of Chris’ debut single “Your Smile”, making it to #1 in the iTunes singer/ songwriter charts, followed by “Higher”, in November 2020. Chris has released his first single of 2021 “Consumed”, returning to the top spot in the iTunes singer/ songwriter charts. Plans are already in motion for a follow-up single “Flint & Steel”, with his 5 song EP “Somewhere”, due for release in May this year.