Creatively Stuck

Would you like to know how to creatively unstick yourself?

Don’t know when to sing or why I should sing? Don’t know when to paint or why I should paint? Don’t know when to write or why I should write?  There has got to be some big reason. A flash of inspiration.  A bestselling book.  A painting that will be a masterpiece.  A singing career or something more serious.  I can’t just simply sing, simply draw or simply write for no other reason but just to do it.”  

Are these above conversations familiar to you?   Have you spent years waiting for the right moment to paint, to sing, to draw, to dance…?   Never finding the right time or a good reason to do it.  

What is stopping you?

Waiting for some big moment

There are usually many reasons, I for one have laid burden to all of the above. I have put off my creativity for the right moment.  I have spent years expecting some grandeur moment for me to be fully immersed in it.   

 I also watch certain people pass through Simply Sing with the same expectation. Now that I am doing this workshop or course, I have ticked the creative box and after I don’t really need to do anymore after it.  Then they begin to wonder why that energy they felt in the work is no longer there.  But the truth is, it is always there.  We tend to turn the creative light on and off.


Both consciously and unconsciously we look on the path of the artist as one of heartache, pain, drudgery, penniless…..the list goes on.  We carry these beliefs in ourselves passed down from generations.  We relate mental health instability to those who are more creative.  Weirdos. Lost in the head. Too out there.  Don’t fit in.  All over the place. Crazy.  Chaotic. Dysfunctional.  Why would anyone want to follow that path?  Hence us creative souls get pushed or push ourselves out of our own very existence.


Not knowing where to start.  Don’t know how your life would be if you fully fell into all of your creativity.  ‘Maybe you might turn in that mad woman down the street.’   Nobody will like your work or judge you for what you have so vulnerably shared.  It is best to just keep it in a drawer hidden away from everyone.  It is better to never want anyone to know who you really are!!

So, what is the solution? There are so many books written on how to creatively unstick yourself.  But I want to make it very simple without you having to do a long course.  It is something I learnt recently and integrated what I call CREATIVE HYGIENE.  

Creative Hygiene

Us creative souls like breathing or eating have got to access our creativity alot.   Just like your teeth rotting if you don’t clean them, creativity not being accessed our insides go bad.  Our mind goes funny as our lack of creativity turns in unhappy thoughts.  We don’t feel right enough.  Our energy is low.  All these weirdly creative stories we make up in our head about ourselves start to fuel themselves in a negative way. I ask you how often our you creatively clean yourself?  I mean just simply writing for no other reason but just to write.  Singing for no other reason but just to sing.  Drawing or painting with no other reason but to paint.  

Recently I upgraded my creative hygiene and I wrote 20 poems in 20 days. I just wrote them every morning without thinking why.  It was extra special.  I just gave my creative energy a wash everyday!

How about starting today to have better creative hygiene?  You can decide what that means to you.

Try this out. Let me know how you get on. For further information about Simply Sing please go to events page or email us on

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