Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. ” Henry David Thoreau.  

Do you ever feel that you are on a merry go round? Nothing changing, nothing shifting, but something new just has to come. My life recently was going around in circles, I didn’t know what was happening or where I was going. But I knew something big had to change in myself or I would be still going around in circles.  Life is a wonderful thing, you can never stay on a merry go round for very long, you either help yourself get off it or you are forced off it.

Do you feel lost in your singing or public speaking? Do you not know where to go next or maybe you haven’t even started? Are you on the singing/ public speaking merry go round with nowhere to go in particular and you just can’t seem to figure it out? Maybe you are at the beginning or halfway through your vocal exploration, these three nougats below have always helped me.

  • Make a clear decision on where exactly you want to go with your singing or public speaking and what exactly you would like to achieve. Once you have decided that, dream up the best possible outcome you would like. This dream has got to feel ridiculously exciting to you. When that is done, just leave the vision behind, don’t focus on it or think about, just let it happen when it is supposed to.
  • Get off the singing or public speaking merry go round. Start singing or speaking in a way that is new for you. Do something completely different. Sing new songs. Sing or speak in a different way. Join a new group. Participate in a course or a class. Just do one thing that is completely new and stick to it.
  • Commit to this new shift for at least 3 months. Then when you feel like you have transitioned far enough with the first development, try another one.

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