Simply Voice  is a global voice coaching company for leaders. Leaders in business and leaders in our communities. We specialise in working with female leaders enabling them to stand in their own powerful voice. 

We are transforming the voices of nations. Helping clients understand that their voice is their SUPERPOWER. Once you understand how to use it effectively you can and will be unstoppable. Group and one2one sessions are delivered both in person and online.

Our leading edge formula in unlocking the voice includes -vocal techniques, storytelling, movement, mindfulness, performance anxiety management and coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission in Simply Voice is much more than helping people find their voice. It’s to help create a more empowered, self-accepting and transparent society where the real voice is what we want to hear. Modern day culture celebrates the smooth, perfect, fake and overly rehearsed and edited voice. Creating a persona of confidence that comes from a false and overly forced place. Behind the curtain this confidence isn’t real. Our aim is to offer individuals the opportunity to embrace their most natural self in the world. Cherishing their vulnerabilities, imperfections, self-doubt and at the same time develop a deeper sense of self belief, honesty and freedom in how they sing or speak. We celebrate you.


In 2017, Clodagh Swords founded the Simply Sing ( now Simply Voice)  method when she innovated a unique approach to speaking and solo singing training. As a professionally trained actor, advanced public speaker, specialising in ‘mindfulness’ in her Masters, she created a totally unique formula that uncovers your natural voice. This formula works with the whole person – mindset, body and voice bringing out our natural and empowered selves. Simply Voice has trained 1000’s people across the world.

Along her journey overcoming high levels of stress and anxiety herself, she understood what it meant for humans to be anxious and in particular when public speaking or solo singing. She developed the best methods to counteract fear and self- doubt into actionable changes that work with you and your voice.

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